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Chiang Mai Smog

Crying out in the Night

Last night I was working in my office about 9;30 PM and heard screaming and crying outside. I jumped up and ran out. My first thought was a domestic disturbance, not uncommon in Thailand, but not common in our neighborhood.

As I got to the front gate an ambulance came down the road. It turned out the 6 month old son of our neighbor had trouble breathing and the parents had called the ambulance.

The screaming and crying was because the child had stopped breathing. After much anxiety, and some time together in Prayer with the household, not the parents they were in the hospital with their son, it turned out to be a respiratory failure due to the extensive smog.

3 different families and ourselves all came running and together sought to encourage and pray for the family. This is the parish God has appointed to Awn and me and we intercede for them as any Royal Priest should. - 1 Peter 2:9

If you have time today, go for a walk and pray for your neighbors, your parish to whom you are their priest.

- Pray for their Health James 5:15
- Pray for their Welfare Jeremiah 29:7
- Pray for their Souls 1 Timothy 2:5,6

Blessed to be a blessing